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If you’re a techie living in Detroit, I have good news for you. Your town is chock-full of amazing tech gigs just waiting for someone qualified to come along and snarf them up. Having a clear idea of the fastest growing industries in Detroit gives you a great start and shows you which areas are hot. Understanding the top tech fields in Detroit helps you set up your studies and focus on high-demand jobs that offer amazing pay.


We’re here to assist you in your search for the perfect tech profession. Our look at the best Detroit tech industries gives you a deep dive into the tech world and lets you know the tech skills the top companies need the most. You’ll learn about tech gigs in fields as diverse as auto manufacturing, web development, e-commerce, and medical equipment manufacturing. And, we also help you direct your studies so you concentrate on the most essential training.


Auto Manufacturing


Robots work on a car body
Learn how to make manufacturing robots dance, and make big bucks.


It won’t come as a huge shock to learn that Detroit has a robust auto industry; that’s the only fact many outsiders know about the city, after all. It might be surprising to learn that auto manufacturing is still one of the fastest growing industries in Detroit after all this time, though. That’s down to the massive surge in software development for new cars over the last few decades. Detroit is still Motor City, and it needs programmers.


Because building cars is a precise science that requires rigorous testing to ensure passenger safety, the business requires lots of quality assurance software developers. Get your basic software languages such as Python, C++, JavaScript, and Perl down pat. And concentrate on developing your soft skills—more and more employers want developers that can communicate and work as part of a team.


Web Development


HTML on a monitor
Get paid to help keep the web chugging along.


I don’t need to tell you that the web is an essential part of our modern lives. You’re reading this article on the web, and you’ve possibly paid bills or put in a full day’s work on it as well. Detroit companies depend on having attractive and appealing websites to help them produce business and generate a profit, and there are lots of companies in the city happy to take their business. You can find a lifetime of work in Detroit as a web developer.


As a web designer and developer, you should plan on picking up the most essential web programming languages including CSS, HTML, Java, and JavaScript. Take the time to learn some math, too; it’ll come in handy all the time when you’re writing code. Get to know the development cycle inside and out, and if you need some experience to compete for gigs, create some projects on your own time.




A woman holds a credit card while looking at a laptop
Digital purchasing is the way of the future, and you can help make it happen.


Did you buy your mobile phone in a store, or did you order it through your computer? Odds are you picked it up via e-commerce. Twenty years ago, e-commerce was almost unheard of, but today, it’s everywhere. Detroit companies need e-commerce support to continue to compete in today’s market, and some of the fastest-growing companies in the area design and support e-commerce. These businesses need mobile device programmers, which is where you come into the picture.


Mobile e-commerce is a rapidly expanding field and could use all of the help it can get to meet demand. As a mobile developer, you’ll have a special set of languages to learn. Java, C, and Objective-C are all popular coding languages that can land you a lifetime of work. As with web development, design projects of your own if you need experience to be competitive.


Medical Equipment


A dentist’s chair and equipment
Every dentist and doctor needs the latest and most advanced equipment, and you can clean up by helping to provide it to them.


Medicine is a growth industry in every respect. The huge number of Boomers means there are more people seeking healthcare every day, and they all want the latest and greatest procedures and equipment. Detroit has a thriving medical equipment sector, and if you’re a dab hand with programming, you’re sure to find a home. Medical equipment all have software, and they require qualified coders to develop it.


In addition to learning standard programming languages such as Perl, JavaScript, Python, Java, and R, medical equipment software developers use skills such as communication and team building, so focus on soft skills. Because medical equipment requires FDA signoff, the process can be full of documentation and analysis—learning about FDA regs for medical devices before job hunting shows your potential employer that you care about the work.


And that’s the long and short of it, kiddos. Detroit is a fantastic city in which to be a techie, and it’s full of up-and-coming industries for you to join. Our guide examines the top tech fields in Detroit and helps you get your tech career on track.


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