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You have tons of tech ability, but you don’t know which careers pay the best in the Detroit tech scene. Tech skills are not created equal, and understanding which ones are in high demand can mean the difference between a good career and a great one. Learning about the most in-demand skills in Detroit is essential if you want to pinpoint the training that can take you to the next level. When you have a grasp of the top tech skills in Detroit, you can tailor your studies and start earning real dough.

We’re here to help you realize those goals. Our guide walks you through the top skills in Detroit tech and shows you how to go about developing those abilities. By the time we finish, you’ll have all you need to start boning up on tech skills and competing for the best and most lucrative gigs. With some effort on your part, your next job will be the first step toward a fantastic career.

Business Intelligence

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Make the data dance, and get paid.

When you look at which skills to study in coding bootcamp, spare a few moments to consider the field of business intelligence (BI). BI allows companies to adjust on the fly—businesses with robust BI get immediate feedback on products and can make adjustments to improve their client relations. If you have a background or interest in BI, you can make a very nice living in Detroit.

Information technologies management is the name of the game for BI analysts. You need skills that favor all kinds of methods of acquiring and analyzing data. Get familiar with the systems development lifecycle and make sure you have a firm grasp of data collection and processing options. You’ll spend lots of time working on databases, so pick up training on MySQL and SQL Server, too.

Systems Administration

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Become the power behind the throne.

Systems administration is one of the most popular tech fields that you can enter without a college degree. Every company in Detroit needs systems admins, and lots of businesses have fleets of them ready to deploy for all sorts of issues. Systems administration is one of the most in-demand skills in Detroit, and you can get in on this growth industry with only a little effort.

As a sysadmin, you need plenty of operating system chops. At a minimum, you should plan on learning Microsoft server administration. Admins with Linux experience and a background in Red Hat and Ubuntu have more open job opportunities than dedicated Microsoft admins, so the more you study those others, the more appealing a candidate you’ll be. With study and dedication, you can start a sysadmin career.

Data Science

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Those who understand the data become its master.

Data science is a new field that grows in importance every day. Businesses rely upon data science to help them come to more informed and effective business decisions. If you work in data science, your goal is to help match companies with markets for their products. Data scientists are a hot commodity in Detroit and elsewhere in the country. Data science is ideal for folks who love to delve into the nuts and bolts of business and computing.

Data scientists work with databases, so study SQL Server and MySQL to get familiar with their operations and what they can do. Programming languages are a must for folks with data science aspirations, too. Bone up on Java, Tensorflow, Python, and SQL, and don’t be afraid to learn more esoteric languages; you never know when they’ll come in handy. 

Auto Software Development

A woman works on a chassis

Let your tech skills help create the car of the future.

You live in Motor City, and auto manufacturers around the region need your help. Today’s vehicle development and assembly operations use coders in every stage of the process. If you have programming skills, Detroit’s car makers would like to use your talents, and they will pay you plenty for the privilege. People with an affinity for machinery and a love of computers will do well as automotive software developers.

Develop a variety of skills if you want to become an auto software developer. In addition to learning languages such as HTML, Java, JavaScript, and Python, you’ll need equipment knowledge and a knack for working with electric control units, such as microprocessors and debuggers. Because cars are big and expensive, they require large teams, so brush up on your teamwork and interpersonal skills.

And that’s the whole deal, job seekers. Detroit has plenty of jobs available for folks who have the tech know-how. Our guide looks at the top tech skills in Detroit and shows you what you need to do to get on board. Before long, you’ll be riding high and earning top dollar.

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